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Four great choices

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 Nightingale Conant.  
World Leader in Personal Development Since 1960 
“ The Highest Level of Enlightenment”  by Dr. David Hawkins  
Nikko traveled with Dr. David Hawkins (Power Vs Force) for about four years.  During that time, around 2003,  Nightingale Conant produced this CD set  Many people have commented on Nikko’s portions of this CD.  You may enjoy it too. 
This is an offer site direct to Nightingale Conant. 
Nikko receives no Compensation of any sort for any sales. 
But, it's a great deal.. 



 “What I especially appreciate about these CD's is the interplay between Dr. Hawkins speaking about the Truth and Nikko explaining how that Truth has impacted his own life. As an added bonus, there is a CD of Nikko chanting.
from Level of Consciousness.org  BLOG
"I have listened to this set of CD's by Dr. Hawkins over 20 times in the past 6 months and I hear something "new" that I wasn't conscious of hearing each time. I never get bored listening to Dr. Hawkins, as he is a very funny man that has lived many incredible lives. I was familiar with kinesiology before I had even heard of the man, but had never thought of using it to tell truth from non-truth. I feel that Nikko adds a tremendous amount of insight when recounting his story and his experiences of working with the good doctor…
 Quote from Nightinggale Conant’s site

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Achieve Radio-  
Home of the Best in Internet Talk Radio
Alex Hermosillo -The Happy Healer show
founder of Mastery of Energy Healing 
March of 2005 Nikko was invited by Alex Hermosillo to appear on his Radio show on Achieve Radio to discuss the Bluedomers.
This is the first radio airing of the Bluedomers concept.  -
Thanks Alex
Alex is the host of “The Happy Healer” Show. Some people call him Healer
and others friend.
As a young man, Alex had the ability to help people with their pain with a touch of his hand. Later in his life, a near death experience took Alex to the other side where he found peace. He understands that the mind and every cell of your body stores a complete record of information about you from the moment you were born to the present. Every experience of joy, gratitude, contentment and peace of mind is within you. Also within you are the energies and memories of heartbreaks, grief, confusion and fear.  Alex touches the lives of thousands through his lectures, classes and internet radio show

New Day Dawning
Music and Lyrics – Nikko Hansen
Arrangement – Bill Kimes , Arizona Prostudiios. 
An accomplished songwriter, Nikko penned this beautiful and telling song around the time he first began pondering the Bluedomers.  The bells at the beginning are authentic Tibetan bells.  Nikko has hosted the Tibetan monks from the Gaden Shartse monastery  three or four wonderful times at his home.  Bill's addition of these bells at the beginning of this beautiful song is a clean, clear  and fitting intro.
The same wonderful voice that resonates in his chanting is captured here.
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VoiceAmerica™ Talk Radio Network

World Leader in Live Internet Talk Radio

The David Gibbons In Discussion Show.

March of 2010, Nikko participated on a panel discussion on VoiceAmerica™ Talk Radio. 


This is thought provoking and topical with political thoughts dusted in.


A Philosophical Perspective of the Social & Economic Status of our World Today."

During this program Leo Hirshocker, Nikko Hansen and Randall Libero join David Gibbons sharing their wandering global views and stories in at times, a humorous and polarized somber fashion. From world politics to spiritual opinions the program talks to new world paradigms, challenges and opportunities. 
David Gibbons has been writing and involved in the broadcast arena since 2001. His work in understanding the world we live in and its people continues to fascinate and consume his interest, in pursuing a direct conversational style with leaders, literature scholars and everyday individuals. He is the host of David Gibbons "In Discussion", the daily program that engages world's thinkers, writers, politicians, athletes, entertainers, business individuals, scientists and religious leaders. He is constantly seeking a greater understanding of the world we live in today with an unassuming style and delivery, leading to the premise of igniting dialogue towards dynamic change in our society.
Look for another show featuring Nikko soon