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A Personal Thank you from NIKKO

Thank you for your support of my Chanting. Unknown to me for some time, it was posted on You Tube


and much to my surprise there have been  3,700,000 visits. I have been asked to provide a place where you can down load a copy.  I humbly provide that here.



This is the Lotus Sutra, memorized, recited, and chanted by Nikko Hansen. Nikko usually chants this Sutra twice a day.  He has been chanting for over 25 years. The Lotus Sutra is widely considered to be the most sacred teaching of the Buddha. 

More about Nikko on http://www.qalias.com/view_profile/Nikko/Hansen/853/0/

From Wikipedia:
The Lotus Sutra is Buddha's most referred to teaching on "emptiness", it is said to be a central concept and necessary part of enlightenment. It is professed that understanding and experiencing "emptiness" is something that can not be taught; it is said that one can not try to understand it with the mind.

The Lotus Sutra - Nikko Hansen




Nikko chants as his personal meditative process.  He is not a representative for any specific religion or sect of Buddhism.  He encourages you to find a path that  works for you as well as his does for him.

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