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The Bluedomer Creed

So here our hero sits, sneaking up on fifty-five
And, everything considered, just glad to be alive.

With a beautiful springtime breeze makin the wind chimes sing,
wild birds in the background bringing the joy they bring.

The beauty of each moment always rings eternally,
 the concert of the cosmos to remind us
that we’re free.

Standing over all this Glory, in this Silent Splendor’s Home,
The Capper of God’s mystery, The Beautiful
Big Blue Dome.

An ever changing ceiling, sometimes raging, sometimes calm,
looks over God’s Creation, holds the sun up! keeps us warm.
Then in the night time comes the moon
and stars to light the Heavens…
The Big Blue Dome, Domain to bloom
in Mankind’s Mystic Seven  
(tab 4)

© Jerry “Nikko” Hansen 2000 – 2012 All rights reserved