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Mankind’s Mystic Seven

*The first of the great wonders
is the healing power of
It’s who we are, it’s what we do,
As below so up above –

*Second is the Inspired Trust
that God expresses through us, and
that, alone, is quite enough
to attract all his blessings to Us.

*Thirdly, let’s consider our connection
to it all – the Spirit of
Eternity, beckons to Us with The Call  

*To Rise to number Four,
which is the Awakened Need to Serve
the Causes of The Greatest Good,
which ignites Our  Soul’s Reserves.

*Then We come alive in number five,
which is The Clarion call to Courage,
which will  catapult us through our fears
so we never get discouraged.

*Then We reach the Great Commitment
the no backslide number 6,
the stage of non-regression,
no matter what the fix,

No matter what the circumstance
remember number seven…
If we brought diligent practice to 1-6
We could Live, Right Now, in Heaven!!

So from my pen a manifest, in the autumn of my years,
to remind Us how the Simple Truth
will eliminate Our Fears.

So Here’s To God’s Crowning Cover over all of mankind’s home,
the Majesty In His Temple of The Glorious

 Big Blue Dome

 © Jerry “Nikko” Hansen 2000 – 2011 All rights reserved